London Spitfire pro player fined for giving the finger on cam


Player conduct in the Overwatch League has already come into question this week as Joon-yeong “Profit” Park — who plays for London Spitfire — flipped the bird live on camera. While it wasn’t malicious and wasn’t aimed at anyone in particular, aside from teammates and coaches in jest, it brought fines and thoughts about finally writing down some rules.

What makes this quite the situation is how the Overwatch League doesn’t actually have a published ruleset for players and organizations to adhere to. It’s apparently in the works and is available internally for players, but this mysterious set of rules has not made it to the public domain. It’s strange to have rules enforced that cannot be read by everyone.

Park received a fine for $1,000, but most parties have taken it with a lighter view, particularly Cloud9 CEO Jack Etienne, who tweeted out a photo holding a Photoshopped version of a photo with Profit’s middle finger waving in mid-air.

Park has since fired out an apology on Twitter, noting he’ll “deeply reflect upon what I say and do to make sure nothing like this takes place again.” Sounds fair.