You can access the Sea of Thieves closed beta right now

Sea of Thieves

Argh me hearty! Microsoft Studio and Rare have launched the closed beta for the new pirate game that puts players against one another as solo captains or teams of treasure hunters. Band up with some friendly souls and take down enemy ships on the rough seas to score some loot and burn planks of wood.

The game sports a vast open world full of secrets and loot to plunder. But you’re not alone in the open seas.

All you need to do is pre-order the game to get started with the closed beta. While we normally don’t agree with parting with cash before the release of a game, this is something special. You can pick up a copy directly from Microsoft:

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The closed beta will run until January 31 with the game set to be released on March 20. Already playing the beta? How are you getting on?