Stellaris: Apocalypse set to change things up on February 22

Stellaris Apocalypse

Stellaris, the incredible 4X strategy game by Paradox, is getting a new piece of DLC called Apocalypse. This expansion pack will be joined by a free update, the latter which will be released for everyone — even those who do not purchase the DLC. Both are penciled in for February 22.

The expansion will focus on new weaponry and stations that can even destroy planets. There is also new titan-class ships that make even the cruisers look tiny in comparison. New ascension perks and civics have been added, alongside new unity ambitions and three new musical pieces have been composed by Andreas Waldetoft.

The free patch, version 2.0, codenamed “Cherryh” will improve a bunch of features, including war goals, diplomacy, space travel, spawn pirates in certain systems, and rebalance the game to make it more strategic. This patch will be released to the entire community alongside the expansion.

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