Mixer brings in 10 million viewers each month, announces streamer tips


Mixer announced in a blog post the platform is pulling in more than 10 million viewers each month. That’s quite the milestone for the relatively new streaming brand, which has to take on the mighty Twitch. To aid streamers who have already begun calling Mixer their home, Microsoft is working on a few features including tips.

These optional donations can be provided by viewers to support the streamer, allowing them to complete the transaction without having to use a third-party external service — usually involving PayPal.

Also coming soon is the ability to tip your favorite content creator directly through Mixer. While streamers can continue using external tipping services, we’re adding the option for viewers to tip directly on the platform, without having to leave Mixer.

Microsft clearly wants you to remain on Mixer all the time and that’s not a bad thing since the platform itself is outstanding. The team is also working to add the ability for Xbox One owners to subscribe to channels just like you can on PC and mobile.

And by popular demand, we are adding the ability to subscribe to specific channels inside the Mixer app on Xbox One (similar to what you can do today on the web and mobile).

It all sounds good and should make for an even better year for Mixer. Microsoft has some way to go before it can really challenge Twitch for the top spot in the industry but its platform is looking real good and competition is always a good thing. If you haven’t tried out Mixer yet, give it a go and see what you think. Many have claimed it offers better performance, even on less powerful systems and connections.