Facebook is serious about getting into gaming

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Facebook isn’t finished with the gaming industry just yet. After signing a deal with the ESL to exclusively broadcast events, which ultimately backfired when the organizer decided to take down streams of those who boycotted the deal in order to host the Dota 2 tournament themselves. People go to Twitch and other streaming platforms for all their gaming needs. Facebook just isn’t a brand one would associate with lag-free gaming content. But the social network wishes to change this.

The company has launched the Gaming Creator Pilot Program, an initiative focused on aiding creators to build and engage with communities on Facebook and beyond. Obviously, monetisation was brought up to allow said streamers to make a living streaming games, and Facebook wants a cut of the lucrative pie. From the announcement:

There’s a lot of work to be done, but we’re committed to building the fundamental architecture that gaming creators need to be successful, starting with foundational elements like enabling all creators in the program to livestream in 1080p/60fps. Most of all, with each new feature we add for gaming video, we’re committed to building it alongside our creators hand-in-hand.

Thing is, Facebook is new to the streaming game. It doesn’t help matters that the broadcast of the ESL tournament in question didn’t go to plan with the organiser having to come out and apologise for technical issues. Not everyone likes Facebook, in fact, less people are relying on the social network and I don’t see how tapping into the streaming market can alter this. I could well be wrong, though — Facebook is still massive.