Is Sea of Thieves the No Man’s Sky with pirates and booty?

Sea of Thieves

The Sea of Thieves closed beta received a great reception by players and viewers on streaming platforms alike. It’s a great game to wind up on the open seas with three friends to battle it out with others, destroy ships and loot crates on islands and in the depths. Thing is, while it’s still in beta, there’s not a whole lot to the game. Is it the No Man’s Sky with pirates?

Now before you close this tab and call me an idiot who should mind his own business, hear me out. I like Sea of Thieves, in fact, I think Rare has nailed an amazing concept and developed a solid foundation. But the thing is; I don’t see there being much in order to keep players engaged. There are plenty of random factors but gameplay needs to be expanded.

No Man’s Sky was killed by hype and disappointment. There was simply no way for Hello Games to live up to expectations that shot through the sky, out of our universe and all the way into another dimension. Do I believe Sea of Thieves to be a No Man’s Sky 2.0? Not entirely, but I do have some fears if the studio doesn’t have some additional content planned ahead of release.

The game is set to be released on March 20, which isn’t too far off. If the current beta build is what Rare has done thus far there’s not much time left for further development. So what could be added? More stuff put simply. There need to be dynamic events, tougher challenges, and more gameplay mechanics to help prevent islands becoming repetitive.

While it’s clear we need to keep the game focused on skill, it would be good to reward captains with improved ship components, add a little more damage to cannons, slightly faster speed, less reliance on wind direction, just enough to make a difference without making it a suicide mission for a team of competent players on a basic craft to take down a more experienced crew.

Clans could play a big part of Sea of Thieves with PvP representing factions in-game. Different trading companies could attract clans with different play styles, motivations, and end-game goals. Imagine a sizeable fight between two trading companies sporting around 10 or so ships. Hectic combat could be a lot of fun. Then you have unknown elements like a Kraken.

As it is, Sea of Thieves is a great game with the potential to be a killer multiplayer experience. Microsoft kept its distance from No Man’s Sky, but I wouldn’t want the Xbox platform to endure another disappointed yet highly hyped release.

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