Nintendo Switch’s premium online service to go live in September

Nintendo Switch

We’ve got yet another estimation as to when Switch owners will finally be able to pay to get online and play with friends across the globe. Nintendo America recently tweeted out that September is the aim to launch the new service, which is set to offer a similar experience to that of PlayStation Network and Xbox Live.

Pricing is expected to cost $3.99 a month or $19.99 per year (you can expect to see similar numbers in pounds for the UK). What Nintendo will offer for the fee is online play, access to a catalogue of classic titles, and perhaps some other features.

It does seem as though Nintendo will continue to rely on a smartphone app for players to take advantage of additional functionality, including voice chat. We need a better solution than this. Here’s hoping more details will be released on such an offering.

And if you haven’t yet bought a Switch — for some unknown reason — the Zelda starter pack bundle, which includes a copy of BOTW and a carry case (as well as the console itself), can be found at around £340.