Terraria is still a kick-ass adventure game with friends

Terraria is a game that has been around for some time — seven years, in fact. The friendly-looking adventure title invites unsuspecting players into a world with a cute melody but things quickly take a turn as you come across different biomes, attempt to survive the night, and destroy tough bosses. I’ve recently revisited Terraria with a few friends on a server running two mods and we had a blast.

You’ve likely played the game prior to reading this and have probably beaten all the bosses once or twice. But have you tackled expert mode? Have you installed a few mods? Both questions were answered with a “no” for our team, which led us to fire up a server, load up new characters, install a few mods and get cracking … and digging.


The two mods we chose to play with were Calamity and Thorium, both adding a few thousand new items, new bosses, enemies, biomes, NPCs, and more. (And yes, we added more items, because the game didn’t have enough already.) The result was an incredibly complex and entertaining play through. Throwing in expert mode for added giggles and difficulty, Terraria broke us.

Bosses are ridiculously hard. Mobs you find around the world are relentless, especially during events. The new items are awesome and fit right in with the existing catalogue. Thorium even adds two new classes: the healer and bard. Both of which have dedicated items that improve healing and symphonic damage, respectively.

Another 40 hours later and we’ve barely scratched the surface, summoned and beat the Wall of Flesh too early and are now frantically attempting to control the spread of corruption, which decided to go wild. I’ve now accumulated more than 500 hours in this game and I don’t see it slowing down anytime soon.