Stellaris Apocalypse is now available for planet destruction

Stellaris Apocalypse

Paradox Interactive has released a new expansion pack for the popular 4X strategy game Stellaris. Titled Apocalypse, this latest DLC allows for some terrifying machines to be created with one goal in mind — galaxy-wide domination. Fancy creating your very own Death Star? Now you can, Grad Moff Tarkin.

Okay, I’m going to keep this short since you should be in-game rather than on our site, so here are the highlights from this expansion:

  • New Colossus class.
  • New Titan class.
  • New non-playable Marauder space nomads faction.
  • New ascension perks and civics.
  • Three new excellent tracks.

If you enjoy Stellaris, you should check out Apocalypse, which was joined by a huge 2.0 update. Be sure to read through the patch notes as it changes some of the foundations without knocking down the building.

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