Mixer to exclusively host Smite esport tournaments


Microsoft announced a new exclusive partnership between the company’s Mixer streaming platform and Hi-Rez Studios, the developer of popular MOBA Smite.

Both the Smite Pro League and Console Series will be hosted on Mixer, though interestingly Hi-Rez opted for a social network to broadcast it’s Paladins title esports tournaments – Facebook.

Coverage for the console tournament on Mixer will start on March 5, while the Pro League commences on March 20. It’s clear to see Microsoft’s strategy here: continue building Mixer’s audience, which is growing at a considerable rate.

YouTube and Twitch continue to dominate the esports and game streaming landscape but it’s only a matter of time before competitors -like Mixer – rise up and knock off (or at least challenge) the crown.

As noted in the report, Microsoft needs to use this exclusivity deal to show reasons why people should switch to Mixer. The co-stream feature could be used to show multiple angles and such, for example. This would also be a handy addition to PUBG.