Giant Bomb pretends Kingdom Come: Deliverance doesn’t exist

Kingdom Come: Deliverance

I’m unsure whether or not I wish to cover other publications, ethics, GamerGate and other online drama on this platform, but I do feel the need to add another voice on this matter in particular. The issue at hand is Giant Bomb refusing to cover Kingdom Come: Deliverance due to being made by “someone who loudly and openly supports gamergate.” Oh boy.

Abby Russell made the comment above, but Jeff Gerstmann further explained the site’s position:

“It didn’t come up during the call-in show yesterday. Saw a few people talking about this off-site and thought it might come in the chat room. Anyway, a couple of us looked at it around the time it came out and didn’t find it interesting enough to pursue. The head guy’s shitty views certainly don’t help, but I doubt we’d have covered it either way.”

That’s an interesting point indeed. Kingdom Come: Deliverance received positive reviews from various publications, sold really well and continues to receive coverage from outlets to this day. So why does Giant Bomb not view it worthy enough of attention? The “head guy” keeps being brought up. For … well … supporting GamerGate. Jeez.

We’ll never block discussion on our articles. We want to hear you.

But Giant Bomb isn’t alone. WayPoint also skipped KCD. Lets Play Video Games even bashed the game simply for racism and stances made by the “head guy,” only to then turn off commenting because of a backlash because why both taking onboard criticism if you can simply disable the speech of others. You’ll never see an article here with the comments disabled. If we’re wrong, we want to hear it. If you disagree with our position, we want to hear it.

Here’s what creative director Daniel Vávra said that riled a minority up:

Daniel Vávra

There are a select few who may not agree with what Vávra says on social media or how he approached the game and that’s fine. I mean, if you truly want to play a game set in medieval Bohemia as a black person in a black community with a black king, go ahead and make one. No one is stopping you.

But to not cover the game on the grounds that you disagree with the fact that there weren’t many people of colour in Bohemia back in the medieval times, that’s a strange decision to make.