H1Z1 explodes out of Early Access with new game mode in tow


H1Z1 has been around for some time but had fallen a little due to the launch of PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds and Fortnite. The battle royale is hitting back at the new rivals with a new game mode and by exiting the Early Access program on Steam. 

The new game mode is Auto Royale, which — as the name suggests — features vehicles and lots of shooting. This new mode takes 30 teams of four and throws them onto a single map, spawning in wheels, power-ups, weapons, ammo, and more. The goal is the same as the usual battle royale game mode; to survive and be the last team standing.

As well as rolling out a new game mode, Daybreak Games also worked in some improvements, including the ability to choose where you begin parachuting (with a heat map to show where everyone is going), new minimap and the first competitive season. There’s a lot happening right now in the H1Z1 camp and overall it’s a good time to be a battle royale fan.

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