Ninja is making a killing from streaming on Twitch


Should you ever require a role model to look at in order to gauge just how much success one can have as a full-time streamer, look no further than Tyler “Ninja” Blevins, who has amassed more than 140,000 subscribers. That’s not people following his streamer account, but actual subscribers paying out $5 each month.

Doing some quick math, Ninja is raking in approximately $300,000. The figure is likely much higher taking into account the different Twitch tiers. But that’s just the start of the calculation of the ex-professional Halo player. We then need to look at donations, which there are many, sponsorship and other means of income (namely YouTube).

That’s a lot of money for merely playing a game, recording the footage and broadcasting it to a wide audience. The game that has catapulted Ninja to the next level in Twitch streaming is Fortnite — specifically the battle royale mode. But Ninja doesn’t ignore the influence he has available, running charity streams that hit six digits in donations for good causes.

This is also good news for anyone looking to start a career as a streamer (or to earn a little cash on the side). More and more people are watching game streams every day, across multiple platforms. The vein of gold is there for the mining.