100 Thieves takes first seed in NA LCS playoffs

100 Thieves

The final matches of the Spring Split are being played out with four teams taking a spot in the quarterfinals for both Europe and North America in the League of Legends Championship Series (LCS). What makes this year particularly interesting is 100 Thieves, which managed to take first place in the U.S. and a seat on the semi-final bench.

The team, owned by Matthew “Nadeshot” Haag, was only formed in April 2018, purchasing a place in Riot’s new franchising system for the LCS. Not all applications were successful and accepted, which made 100 Thieves a new and unfamiliar name in the series. After initially attracting substantial investment, it was time for the squad (and Haag) to prove to the community that the organization will get results.

Just like Origen in 2015 and Immortals a year later, 100 Thieves is really taking off. It’s not only positive to see a new team, formed of veteran players, do well but also an organisation that has a number of principles, including the security of signed players. I’m almost 100 percent certain Haag didn’t expect to make such progress in year one, especially with the team still moulding.

To make things even more interesting, Optic Gaming is Haag’s old organisation, which has a League of Legends team in the NA LCS that also made it to the quarterfinals. Should be some good games coming up. Other teams in the LCS quarterfinals include TSM, Roccat, Splyce, H2K, and Vitality. G2, Fnatic, Echo Fox and 100 Thieves have all made it to the semi-finals.