World of Tanks looks more beautiful than ever before

World of Tanks

World of Tanks is a game I have sunk many, many hours into. A game revolving around piloting destructive vehicles to take down the enemy team may not be up everyone’s alley but it does make for some insane experiences — both good and bad. Wargaming has attempted (and failed) to bring the game to esports but has since worked on improving various aspects of World of Tanks. The result is version 1.0, after eight years. 

Version 1.0 is a huge step forward for the community. All thirty maps have been remastered and look breathtaking. A new engine allows for some killer graphics and visual effects. There’s a new garage that’s not really a garage but an open space, and some new sounds too. The best part about all these changes is that the minimum system requirements are still the same. You can run World of Tanks 1.0 on a microwave.

An issue some take with the game is the pay-to-win aspect with premium ammo — yes, you can purchase ammo with real money. There are also decisions made by Wargaming that haven’t gone down well with the community, including the recent changes to artillery. Still, overall, World of Tanks remains to be a very fun game to play, especially with some friends.