PUBG Corp lands lawsuit against Epic Games and Fortnite


The developer of PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds, PUBG Corporation has filed a lawsuit against Epic Games over copyright infringement found in the game engine maker’s Fortnite. The battle royale genre has been around for many years and isn’t technically owned by anyone, but the developers of PUBG believe Fortnite to be a little too similar.

It has been reported by the Korean Times that PUBG Corp has put forward claims of alleged copyright infringement against Epic Games, the makers of the Unreal Engine. The lawsuit has been filed with the Seoul Central District Court. It’s no secret that Fortnite and PUBG share many mechanics that make up the battle royale genre. This is too shared by other titles that are in development, but is something the developers of PUBG believe to be unique to their game.

Fortnite surpassed PUBG in popularity through partnerships with YouTubers and streamers, more stable gameplay, and a slightly less serious take on the survival experience. Still, to this day, there remain plenty of issues with PUBG, namely performance and balancing, something Epic Games seem to have nailed with Fortnite — which shouldn’t come as a surprise with the company’s history (see Unreal Tournament).

Fortnite made just shy of $300 million form Fortnite alone in the month of April. PUBG Corp and Bluehole seemingly want a slice of the pie.