Latest PUBG patch changes how throwables work, new anti-cheat tech being tested


The latest patch to hit the PC platform for PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds focuses heavily on throwables — the objects you lob at other survivors to cause havoc and bag a kill. The developer has also started testing new anti-cheat technology on the test servers, which is hoped to make a difference in the rampant hack use.

After taking away the frag grenade knockback, PUBG Corp has decided to buff both the damage and effective range to bring the trusty frag back up to standards. Stun grenades have been altered to make them a viable pickup. These flash bangers will now affect vision, hearing, and ability to shoot accurately. Finally, the molotov cocktail can now be shot in mid-air and affect a larger radius.

PUBG Anti-cheat

Something that has been a long time coming is the new in-house anti-cheat system that has been added to the test server. The new feature has to be enabled in the launcher and can be disabled if you encounter issues testing it out. The community eagerly awaits the rollout of such a system on the live servers.

Not a bad patch as things go. The full details of all other improvements included can be found in the announcement post.