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Hello. Welcome to GGAuthority. The name — simply Good Game Authority — implies we’re the leading voice (and only one you should pay attention to) on all things related to good games. Unfortunately, while that may be the case, we’re more into building a community around the GG in GG WP. Cutting the bullshit, you’ll find nothing but objective coverage on this platform, which opened its doors in 2018.

Here’s the thing: we don’t like advertising either. We feel ads are so 2016 and as such we’re running a completely clean platform with optimizations in place to ensure it’s even quicker. You’ll not need to use ad blockers here to enjoy a fast and clutter-free experience. What this does mean is we need to cover costs a different way.

If you enjoy what you read on our main site and happen to spend some time over on our community forum, why not drop us a penny or few? You could become a Patreon supporter and enjoy a few benefits on our forum — you’ll have your account upgraded to a fancy group. We also accept small donations too. Every little helps.