Why Pokémon on Switch has me super excited

Nintendo Switch

So this piece is going to be filled to the brim of gushing for an upcoming title on Switch, so bear with me. Nintendo announced that a new Pokémon game is planned for the Switch, and not a tournament game or spin-off, but part of the true RPG series we’ve all come to know and love. That has me so excited for this incredible portable console. Continue reading “Why Pokémon on Switch has me super excited”

Darkest Dungeon review on Switch

Darkest Dungeon

There’s a role-playing game on Switch that is incredibly difficult. This game wants to make you suffer, call out for mercy and hide in a corner. Building a group of misfits, the aim of Darkest Dungeon is to take a band of adventurers into some chaotic dungeons and clear them out. Thing is, your party isn’t immune from the stress of travelling into darkness and taking down foes — and neither are you. Continue reading “Darkest Dungeon review on Switch”

Nintendo Switch continues to do really well, surpasses Wii U total sales

Nintendo Switch

The Nintendo Switch is a fantastic console and has proven to be a formidable foe to Microsoft’s Xbox One X and Sony’s PlayStation 4. Sure, the portable device is after a specific portion of the console market, but it’s selling like hot cakes. Nintendo has smashed company records with the Switch and the console has already surpassed the sales of the Wii U. Continue reading “Nintendo Switch continues to do really well, surpasses Wii U total sales”

Nintendo Switch’s premium online service to go live in September

Nintendo Switch

We’ve got yet another estimation as to when Switch owners will finally be able to pay to get online and play with friends across the globe. Nintendo America recently tweeted out that September is the aim to launch the new service, which is set to offer a similar experience to that of PlayStation Network and Xbox Live. Continue reading “Nintendo Switch’s premium online service to go live in September”