Create your own Switch game cases with these excellent covers

Switch Cover

Reddit user arshizzle (excellent name, by the way) has released a number of covers for Nintendo Switch games. If you wish to create your very own game cases for popular titles (or perhaps replace the official art with custom art), you’ll want to check out these designs. Covers include Arms, Disgaea 5, and Splatoon 2. Continue reading “Create your own Switch game cases with these excellent covers”

Nintendo pushes out minor Switch 5.0.1 OS update

Nintendo Switch

The Switch is receiving an OS update, which pushes the version up to 5.0.1, following the previous patch. This update is a minor one and as such only contains minor improvements and bug fixes. It’s fairly normal for a software release to be followed up by a minor patch to sort through some issues. Unfortunately, for those holding out for new features, the wait continues.

Continue reading “Nintendo pushes out minor Switch 5.0.1 OS update”

Why Pokémon on Switch has me super excited

Nintendo Switch

So this piece is going to be filled to the brim of gushing for an upcoming title on Switch, so bear with me. Nintendo announced that a new Pokémon game is planned for the Switch, and not a tournament game or spin-off, but part of the true RPG series we’ve all come to know and love. That has me so excited for this incredible portable console. Continue reading “Why Pokémon on Switch has me super excited”

Darkest Dungeon review on Switch

Darkest Dungeon

There’s a role-playing game on Switch that is incredibly difficult. This game wants to make you suffer, call out for mercy and hide in a corner. Building a group of misfits, the aim of Darkest Dungeon is to take a band of adventurers into some chaotic dungeons and clear them out. Thing is, your party isn’t immune from the stress of travelling into darkness and taking down foes — and neither are you. Continue reading “Darkest Dungeon review on Switch”